System upgrading28-05-2019

It's a project about access control & time attendance system and network system, which is implemented around Jan~Feb,2019.

Regard to the end user, it was one of our customers whom we served from 2011 till now. According to the project site, the existing system of access control & time attendance were set up in 2011 and run in a stable status these years. The end user wants to cover more areas with some advanced functions, which is out of the existing system's scope and so that we work out a new solution for the end user. Our solution had been approved by the end user and the whole project had been start up immediately as required by the end user.

In the period of project installation, our technical team needs to handle the connection between function disable from existing system and function activate from new system, we must assure that there is no any unsecured situation occurred as the access control function was the most important control way to our end user. In fact we really make it, with the good efforts from our outstanding technical team members.

Moreover, we found another problem on the network system from the site and known that it was really a big problem confuse the end user for a long time. After discussing with the end user, we fully understand what they concerns /what they need and then provide them our solution of system upgrading. The new network system was completed by us within one week, this is an amazing result to our end user and they are very appreciate for our quick & perfect actions on those two projects.

And now our end user enjoys the great conveniences from the upgrade systems, that's what we are so happy to strive for now and forever.