Visitor Registration System28-05-2019

A first Visitor Registration System had been launched in a large construction site at Taipa, Macau S.A.R. on May,2018, which was developed by Fo Kai Technology Engineering. 


What is Visitor Registration System?As known, we set up handkey turnstile control system at the construction site as required by the owner and main contractor, for worker in / out gate access control & time attendance management.The management software helps to store all templates collected from the legal workers, creating thousands of access logs each day from those workers when they access in gate or out gate.That's said the handkey turnstile control system is widely used for legal workers. 

But sometimes there are also visitors coming to the construction site for site visiting / meeting or other consultant service, before in gate the site security guard will verify their ID and invitation documents first and then provide whom visitor pass afterwriting down all the identification information on the duty note, the visitors must return security guard the visitor pass at the gate before leaving the site. This was the common andtraditional way for visitor register handling by manual, and the only records regarded to visitors is the duty note by site security guard.Is it enough for visitormanagement?The answer is absolutely no. And our Intelligent Visitor Registration System is born consequently.This is the first intelligent Visitor Registration System used at construction site of Macau.The question is, 

How does Visitor Registration System work?

Yes, everybody wants to know the answer. It's our highly appreciate if you can arrive Galaxy Phase 3B for a personally experience and then share your feeling on the system with us. 

We really attach every feedback from our end user and keep on our development on this system, the second generation of Intelligent Visitor Registration System will be launched immediately! It's our great pleasure to share that marvelous moment with all of our valuable customers!